We believe executives and employees have a right to safety and privacy outside the office

While your security teams can protect employees working in the office, exposed personal information on the internet leaves employees open to physical and online threats outside the office.
We at PrivacyBrain want every company to have access to an affordable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use privacy management platform that combats the rise of workplace related online harassment and physical threats so they can provide a safe work environment to their employees.


We value our customers' trust above all else and work tirelessly to gain and keep your trust.


We believe that making the complex simple is key to making privacy management accessible to all organizations.


We strive to continuously innovate and deliver our customers the most advanced privacy management platform.


We build every relationship on respect. From our own team to vendors to customers, we treat everyone as a valued individual.


We work every day in an honest, ethical, and truthful manner. We believe that integrity is the foundation of realizing our vision.


We're driven to better our society. We are committed to providing social value through improving workplace safety.

How PrivacyBrain got its start

PrivacyBrain was founded in 2018 by Elliott Adams after listening to an episode of the popular podcast Reply All. The episode chronicled the ease with which attackers could hijack social media accounts with small amounts of personal information. This inspired Elliott to provide a solution to the growing threats of exposed personal identifiable information on the internet.

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