International Restaurant Conglomerate Saves Thousands Protecting Executives’ Personal Information: A Case Study

January 28, 2022

Challenge: Restaurant Franchisor Recognized the Need to Protect Executives from Security Threats Involving Exposed Personal Information

This large restaurant company has thousands of franchisees in several countries around the world. They value the support of their brand executives and employees and strive to foster positive partnerships in their restaurants and communities. So, it’s essential to protect their reputations and their data, and that of their employees.

In 2020, one brand executive was horrified to find out she’d been doxxed on a Reddit forum. After a seemingly innocuous interaction, an angry customer revealed her personally identifiable information (PII) in the group. Soon after, she began receiving harassing calls and messages.

Not long after, another senior leader was targeted for a spear-phishing attack on his personal cell phone.

Most people have heard of phishing – tricking random, unsuspecting victims into providing sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers. However, spear-phishing goes a little further, targeting messages and making them look like the communication is coming from someone you know.

In this executive’s case, his attacker found and hacked his phone number, sending messages to his contact list, requesting sensitive information. In these attacks, recipients are much more likely to provide the information because they believe the request is coming from someone they know.

PII exposure is a common risk for executives. When customers (or even employees) become disgruntled, they often go straight to the top to discuss their problem, and not always in a healthy way.

Solution: PrivacyBrain Removed Sensitive Information from Data Broker and Phone Lookup Sites for Dozens of Executives

The company’s security team realized their top leaders were in danger and took responsibility for protecting their private information. In addition, they explored a variety of solutions to mitigate risk to executives and other employees in the public eye.

They considered using large accounting firms, corporate security specialists, and a management consulting firm to deal with the executives’ exposed data. However, these solutions offered one-time data removal, and the cost was beyond their budget.

When the group learned about PrivacyBrain, they were pleased to remove hundreds of private details from data brokers and people-search sites for each individual. They were also surprised at the savings, which amounted to several hundred dollars per employee.

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We can help you understand the scope of risk your company may face when exposed employee information is floating around online.

Results: Ongoing Monitoring Saves the Company Hundreds of Dollars Per Employee and Keeps Private Information Secure

Not only did the company save money, but they could rest easy, knowing PrivacyBrain was removing their data. Not just once – but keeping it off these shady sites with bi-weekly monitoring.

As they became more familiar with PrivacyBrain, the security team quickly deployed the solution to dozens of their top executives and have since been covering more upper-level employees outside the executive suite.

Individuals could go through the process of removing private data from each website themselves. But, instead, with PrivacyBrain’s easy, initial look-up, automated removal process, and consistent, ongoing maintenance, company executives save hours monthly.

Clients and leadership can keep tabs on how much data has been found and removed with two distinct dashboards. Individuals have access to a personal dashboard where they can see screenshots of the actual exposed information. Information security teams and HR management can see aggregate data showing the number of sites displaying their employee and executive data.

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