The most advanced solution to workplace related online and physical threats

PrivacyBrain was designed from the ground up to scale to meet the needs of your executives' and employees' safety

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How it Works

PrivacyBrain removes your employees' exposed personally identifiable information from the internet

Public data broker sites sell your employees' exposed personal information

This enables former employees, customers, vendors, criminals, and extremists to target stalking, harassment, or identity theft attacks at your executives.

Keep Your Employees Safe From Targeted Attacks

PrivacyBrain automates the removal of exposed personal information

Data Broker sites all have convoluted processes to request personal information removal. PrivacyBrain automatically requests removal on your employees' behalf from dozens of sites.

Remove Your Employees Exposed Information

Watch your employees' personal information disappear from the internet

PrivacyBrain's intuitive dashboard allows you and your employees to view what personal information has been exposed and the progress of its removal

See Your Employees' Exposed Information

PrivacyBrain monitors sites to keep your employees' personal information private

After removal, PrivacyBrain continues to scan Data Broker sites for newly exposed personal information and automatically requests its removal

Keep Your Employees' Personal Data Private

Exposed personal information increases the risk of workplace-related physical and online threats

Workplace-related physical threats such as stalking are on the rise and facilitated by exposed data


of companies receive or investigate at least one physical threat per week (Ontic)


of Americans have experienced some form of severe online harassment, up from 18% in 2017. (Pew)


of executives believe their company is experiencing an increase in physical threat activity this year. (Ontic)

Keeping your employees safe outside the office is workplace safety

Former employees are a threat

Former employees and vendors can harass employees

Everything today is political

Even the most routine policies can make your company a target

Preemptively stop attacks

In these unpredictable times, physical threats are on the rise

Identify exposed data

View your executives' and employees' exposed information

Remove personal information

Keep your employees' personal information private

Provide a safer workplace

Give employees peace of mind against physical threats

Ready to stop physical and online attacks against your executives and employees?

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